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Our Cleaning Services

Contract Cleaning

We do the following Contract Cleaning of Office Cleaning, Building Cleaning, Hospital Cleaning, Shopping Mall Cleaning, Hospitality laundry , Corporate Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning , Schools, Hotels, Commercial Laundry, Car Dealers, Airports, Guesthouses.

Post & Pre Occupation Cleaning

Superb Cleaning will thoroughly clean your residence or commercial site for your move-in or grand opening. In our busy lives today, people do not want to concern themselves with cleaning before their “move in”, this is where Superb Cleaning takes the time you don’t have, to provide you with a complete deep cleaning solution which includes removing all trace of the previous tenant, leaving your home or business looking immaculate.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We do Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning it take less 2hrs to dry, We clean Office Chairs, Mattress, Couches , Chairs ,Tiles , Persian Carpets and we also do Water Extraction.

Laundry Service

We do commercial Laundry for Hotels, Guest houses and more…

Post Renovation Cleaning

Superb Cleaning will thoroughly clean newly built homes, offices or business. This service entails removal of paint and cement residue from all surfaces, removal of building dust, polishing of floors, window cleaning, carpet vaccuuming, steam treatment for kitchens and bathrooms and many more other services… Please note that our services involve a professional and thorough deep clean where we utilise specialised equipment and chemicals.

Exclusive Home/Commercial Cleaning

We provide an exclusive cleaning service for the luxury, stately homes and high end guesthouses. We, at Superb Cleaning, understand the delicate nature of all the furnishings , fittings and flooring in some of these homes. The service entails a thorough spring/deep cleaning of your home or guesthouse from wool carpets, marble or other natural stone floors to delicate curtains and veneer wood as well as all the soft furnishings(upholstery). The secret is in our non-abrasive commercial chemicals and equipment, the only time more harsher chemicals are used is when ovens , stoves and extractions are degreased and mildew, mould and paint residues are removed. These homes are larger and more detailed cleaning is required in maintaining them, that is why we offer our high standard of cleaning , our trustworthy staff and superior level of service , your home will be left delightfully clean. Superb Cleaning’s fresh twist on deep cleaning is an innovative concept which stems from the owners deep set need to have everything sparkling clean , neat and tidy , Anti- bacterials and steam cleaning is used in the bathrooms and kitchens , all grease is removed and the entire home is carefully cleaned from walls to skirting and polishing of bathroom amenities. Mattress sanitizing is another service that is highly recommended, this entails removing all bed bugs , dust mites, skin particles , hair and other bacteria from the mattress , it is a dry sanitizing method which wont leave your mattress wet. This service is as much an indulgence as a necessity, let Superb Cleaning take care of those dirty details.

Office Cleaning

We do office cleaning services including Cleaning Ladies,Carpet cleaning,Tea Ladies and many more…

Spring Cleaning

Its a known fact that everyone feels better and more relaxed in a clean home , but for the working mom , wife or bachelor there simply isn’t time to do a thorough deep clean of ones home or apartment, and lets face it, domestic workers are not trained to do thorough cleaning, that’s where Superb Cleaning comes in. We specialize in cleaning your home thoroughly from , mattresses, carpets and soft furnishings to anti bacterial steam cleaning applications and degreasing of kitchens ,this service is a must.